Laser not effective treatment for Alopecia Areata nyc new york ny

Alopecia areata is caused by inflammation around the hair follicle  which results in the hair shafts falling out.  Most cases of alopecia areata are localized circular patches, but same patients experience a more diffuse version in which the scalp hair becomes very thin without any noticeable "bald" patches.  In many patients, white hair appearing at sites of alopecia areata is encouraging as this may be "new" hair re-growing.  The standard treatments are low dose intralesional kenalog injections and topical steroids.  Laser does not have any role in reducing the inflammation around the hair follicles. It is very important to see a board certified dermatologist regularly while being treated for alopecia areata so the side effects of these steroids can be monitored and managed if and when they first appear